Dave Campbell

Dave Campbell is an affiliated consultant with Public Policy Associates.  He recently retired from public education after 22 years as a Superintendent in Michigan, most recently at the Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency. He joined KRESA as superintendent in 2013 following roles including as a teacher and administrator in Wisconsin and Illinois.  He came to Michigan in 1992 to serve as high school principal, and then superintendent in Olivet. He also was superintendent of the Livingston Educational Service Agency in Howell.  Dave helped lead a comprehensive re-design of KRESA’s system of Career and Technical Education, which included passing its first ever CTE millage and securing a $100 million donation from anonymous donors to build a world class CTE Center.

Dave has been studying and learning about systemic reform around the country and world for about 20 years while serving on the ground as a practical superintendent focused on the needs of students and educators.  After looking at root causes of Michigan’s challenges, particular focus has been given to how other states and nations have revised their laws which enable them to recruit and retain far more effective educators to teach, lead and serve students.  He has served on numerous state and national committees and commissions during the past ten years to learn more about systemic reform in a collaborative manner with educators and other multi-sector leaders.


Day 2
January 19, 2023
10:30 am

District Leadership that Works: A Panel Discussion with MASA Superintendents of the Year on how to Implement Research-Based Best Practices

19 January
Time:  10:30 am - 11:45 am
Location:  Prairies VI (Lower Level)

In this session attendees will learn from MASA Superintendents of the Year on how they have utilized research-based best practices. The panel consists of superintendents from rural, urban and suburban school districts. They will share their tools, techniques, and strategies along with how they have overcome obstacles to best serve and support their school communities.

The discussion will be based on the six district-level leadership responsibilities that significantly impact the superintendent's abilities to lead: goal setting process, non-negotiable goals for student achievement and instruction, board alignment supporting district goals, monitoring the goals, use of resources to support the goals, and providing a defined autonomy to principals (based on Marzano and Waters book, District Level Leadership that Works, 2009).

Attendee takeaways from our session:
* Gain an understanding of the evidence based best practices/responsibilities that correlate to student achievement.
* Learn the techniques, strategies and tools that recognized superintendents used when implementing evidence based best practices.
* Find ways to combat the many obstacles that superintendents face when implementing evidence based best practices.

3:15 pm

Effective Educational Practices in Top Performing States and Nations

Glens II (Lower Level)
19 January
Time:  3:15 pm - 4:30 pm
Location:  Glens II (Lower Level)
Speaker:  Dave Campbell

This session will review information from the National Center for Education and the Economy (NCEE), who has been researching and teaching about the laws and practices of the top performing jurisdictions, such as Ontario and Finland, for over 35 years. NCEE has also worked with numerous jurisdictions around our country and world to help them research, enact, and implement effective principles in a manner that fits their culture and economy. We will discuss the similarities and differences of the top performers to Michigan’s system of public education.

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