Emily Parker Pohlonski


A veteran secondary science classroom teacher and Michigan Science Teacher of the Year, Emily Parker Pohlonski co-led Novi Community School District’s rollout and implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards,including developing aligned curriculum, facilitating professional learning, and coordinating support for K-12 teachers. Currently, Emily is the Novi Virtual Principal providing a novel flexible schooling option for students both in and outside Novi Community Schools. She has been the district’s Partners in Excellence Coordinator, managing Novi’s hospital partnerships, and she has also served on local- and state-level committees and presented at state and national conferences supporting teacher preparation and the shift to NGSS.

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Day 2
January 19, 2023
10:30 am

When Common Expectations meet Autonomy: District and Unions in PLCs

19 January
Time:  10:30 am - 11:45 am
Location:  Meadows (Lower Level)

Ambitious and equitable classroom instruction requires collective approaches that are not the norm in most schools and districts. Join us to learn how district administrators and the local teachers’ union played important roles in designing successful systems that include common curriculum, assessments, and grading practices while also supporting teachers’ professional autonomy. Though situated in high school biology, research findings are relevant across grades and content areas, and center on teachers’ course-based professional learning communities.

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