Jason Russell

President & CEO

Jason is the Founder and CEO fo SEC. He is responsible for leading a team of former Secret Service agents in delivering White House-level threat assessment and protection to schools and businesses. The primary goal of SEC is to bring a process to safety and security in organizations around the world. SEC has worked with over 1,000 early childhood education facilities to make them safer and more prepared. SEC has clients in all 50 states and internationally. Jason is a frequent speaker on safety, emergency preparedness and crisis response. Jason has dedicated his business to better preparing those that care for our nation’s children.

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Day 2
January 19, 2023
3:15 pm

Safe Schools By Design

19 January
Time:  3:15 pm - 4:30 pm
Location:  Glens I

How to make schools safer is an age-old question. Prior to the pandemic, conversations around safety were mainly focused on the physical wellbeing of students and staff. Since 2020, as the mental health crisis among students has grown, the conversation has broadened to include emotional wellbeing. As architects and designers, the desire to create a "safer" school can feel overwhelming and insurmountable. Through their work with more than 100 school districts, public safety institutions, and security organizations, TowerPinkster has developed strategies and programs that support a safer school environment. Matt Slagle, AIA, and Director of K-12 Education, will share the latest trends in school safety, talk about the importance of emotional wellbeing, and discuss approaches TowerPinkster has taken to integrate safety in ways that are both visible and invisible to students and staff.

Day 1
January 18, 2023
3:00 pm

Plan, Prepare & Take Action: How to Respond to a Crisis on Campus

Great Lakes III (Lower Level)
18 January
Time:  3:00 pm - 4:15 pm
Location:  Great Lakes III (Lower Level)

While extreme violent acts may be a relatively uncommon occurrence in Michigan,
schools should identify security concerns, implement protections, and develop safety priorities to identify possible dangers and threats. Districts must create a security plan to provide protection, address anxieties, and communicate with the community so if the unthinkable happens you have a clear, controlled and decisive plan.

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