Joseph Youanes

Exec. Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Joseph Youanes is a 17-year educator with eight years of teaching experience, and nine years as a building administrator, currently serving as the Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction in Royal Oak Schools. Dr. Youanes also serves on the steering committee for the Oakland Schools Diversity Council which supports Oakland County school districts in their DEI work within their schools and communities.

  • Company Royal Oak Schools


Day 2
January 19, 2023
10:30 am

JEDI: The Force Awakens

19 January
Time:  10:30 am - 11:45 am
Location:  Prairies IV (Lower Level)

Royal Oak Schools has a long-standing commitment to justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion which has intensified over the last 6 years. Come join us for an informational session where we will share our journey, key goals and initiatives, deep-learning experiences, and commitments made to the children and families of our community and district.

Attendee Takeaways:
Why it is important to have DEI work deeply embedded throughout the district and community.
Suggested ways to engage stakeholders at all levels.
Ways to collaborate, learn from and get help from other organizations.
Share systemic changes that help ensure the work will continue (it’s never “done”)
Establish goals connected to curriculum, professional development, student support, and recruitment and hiring.
Engaging teacher leaders at the building level in DEI work to best support students.

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