Margot Lechlak

Mental Health Coordinator

Margot Lechlak is a licensed Masters Social Worker with 9 years of experience providing clinical mental health services to youth and their families. Ms. Lechlak is also trained in adventure therapy & facilitation, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and parent management training.

  • Company Monroe County Intermediate School District


Day 2
January 19, 2023
1:45 pm

It's Time for a New Adventure: Why Adventure May be the Answer to the Three Biggest Problems Facing Education Today.

Great Lakes IV (Lower Level)
19 January
Time:  1:45 pm - 3:00 pm
Location:  Great Lakes IV (Lower Level)

The three biggest challenges facing educators today are poor academic outcomes, staff burnout, and student discipline. Come hear firsthand from teachers, coaches, and students who are engaging in an experiential learning designed to impact all three areas. We believe that adventure is a powerful approach for healing for children and adults. Join us as we provide a brief overview of the MCISD’s newly launched Adventure Program! We will highlight the 7 Adventure beliefs, how our program supports the mental wellness of all, and how we intentionally design classroom goals and accompanying experiential activities to help foster a supportive and inclusive classroom environment. Presenters will also lead participants in multiple experiential adventure learning activities!

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