Rebecca Midles

VP of Learning Design, Getting Smart

Rebecca puts learners first and is committed to assisting with the creation of a learner-centered educational system that empowers leaders and educators to meet the individual academic and social-emotional needs of all learners. She is known for guiding district level transformation as a leader and as a consultant and has led this work as a teacher, site leader, district leader and board member in four states.

She has worked in several transformational systems in Alaska, California and Colorado that represent different scaling challenges from demographics to charters and comprehensive systems. Starting with some of the first district work nationally on competency-based/personalized learning in Alaska, Rebecca then helped design and create the first competency based high school. As a national consultant, she supported the most often cited CBE/PL districts and schools across the country. Rebecca was the district lead for competency-based learning in Lindsay Unified School District in California, as well as the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning for Mesa County School District 51 in Colorado, a district of 43 schools.

Rebecca has presented at a variety of conferences, including iNACOL’s Blended & Online Learning Symposium, ASU/GSV Summit, CBE Denver, iNACOL Leadership Forum, Confederation of Oregon School Administrators, Partners in Learning Global Forum and Alaska Society for Technology in Education. She has also presented and trained for the Re-Inventing Schools Coalition, now Marzano Research and Reinventing Schools in five states. Rebecca serves on the Competency Works Advisory Board and Education 4 Leadership (E4L).

Rebecca has an M.Ed in educational leadership and an MA in Education. She has worked in charter systems, public comprehensive system, non-profit and state organizations. She has contributed or co-authored national white papers, blogs and published works on personalized learning.


Day 2
January 19, 2023
3:15 pm

Future of the Learning Council: A Discusssion of Trends and Actions to shape the Future of Learning for Students (and Adults)

19 January
Time:  3:15 pm - 4:30 pm
Location:  Meadows (Lower Level)

The shift in education from a traditional model to one which embraces mobility, personalization, and equity is happening quickly. Members from the Future of Learning Council (FLC) will provide an overview of the work of the FLC to understand and support new models of learning. This session will provide insights on developments related to microschools, developing pathways, and implementation of student-centered learning. Supporting and developing leaders who are fully equipped to lead the transformation of learning at the local level is a primary goal of the FLC. To support this work, the FLC will share a draft framework to build the capacity of our leaders and redesign learning for Every Child, Every Day in Michigan.

Day 3
January 20, 2023
8:30 am

General Session

Game Night Awards
The Future of Learning and a Collaborative Response
MDE Q&A with Dr. Michael F. Rice, state superintendent
Board/Supt Relations; Dr. Tina Kerr, and Debbie Stair, Assistant Director of Leadership Development, MASB
Closing Remarks

The Future of Learning Council Panel Discussion: This presentation will provide a high-level review of the work being completed by the Future of Learning Council to support local district leaders to build capacity in redefining learning at the local level. In addition, an expert panel of guest subject matter experts and local district superintendents will discuss current trends and actions which are shaping the future of learning for students (and adults). This facilitated discussion which will focus on trends in education such as microschools, developing flexible pathways, education disruptors, and the urgency we are seeing to design new models of learning.

In this general session, Dr. Tina Kerr will sit down with State Superintendent Dr. Rice for a Q&A for information and feedback on hot button and pressing issues your districts are facing.

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