Drew Schantz

Design Principal

Drew Schantz is an Associate Partner with Scholarus Learning and is passionate about solving complex problems through an entrepreneurial lens and working with others to develop innovative, student-centered, and equity-driven practices that improve outcomes for all students. He focuses on supporting school systems in Arizona, Alaska, Hawai‘i, Michigan, and Utah primarily around competency-based education implementation, strategic planning, talent strategy, and responsive leadership capacity building. Drew holds a B.A. in political science from the University of Michigan and an M.S.Ed. from the University of Pennsylvania in Education Entrepreneurship. He is a Michigan native and currently resides in San Francisco.

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Day 2
January 25, 2024
1:45 pm

Innovative Strategies for Teacher Retention That Don't Break the Bank [Teaching & Learning]

Brule (Level 5)
25 January
Time:  1:45 pm - 3:00 pm
Location:  Brule (Level 5)
Speaker:  Drew Schantz

Many districts operate with restricted budgets, making it essential to explore innovative and cost-effective strategies that empower teachers, foster their long-term commitment to the profession, and tap into deeper dynamics of what makes schools places where teachers love to teach, and students love to learn. This session will dive into creative approaches, resourceful techniques, and alternative methods that can be leveraged to retain talented educators, even in the absence of a dedicated retention budget.

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