Jim Walter


Easily recognizable as good looking, witty, and humble – Jim is also an experienced school superintendent and educational consultant.  He has served the Clare Public Schools for 8 years as superintendent, spent another 14 as a building principal, and survived a wonderful teaching career in the classroom.  Jim is a family man, fairly good friend, below average athlete, and a lover of all things involving bacon.  He’s invested in the growth of leaders, especially as courageous & self-aware individuals seeking to leave every day, every place, and every person better than he found them.

  • Company Clare Public Schools and Consultant, Intentional Schools


Day 2
January 25, 2024
1:45 pm

A Call to Courage [Leadership Development]

LaSalle A (Level 5)
25 January
Time:  1:45 pm - 3:00 pm
Location:  LaSalle A (Level 5)
Speaker:  Jim Walter

Be uncommon. Be courageous. For your kids, your community, and mine. In this session, we'll dive into Brene' Brown's work on courage, bravery, and trust...and what that means for your leadership in our districts and schools. What does it mean to be the man (or woman) in the arena? What behaviors get in the way of courageous leadership? How can we become courageous and BRAVING leaders? We'll discover what exceptional leaders DO, and who exceptional leaders ARE...as well as examining why good leadership team’s stall. Be uncommon, be courageous, and don't miss this session.

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