Katherine Bertolini


Dr. Bertolini is in her sixth year of service to Maple Valley Schools. Prior to returning to Michigan to be a Superintendent, she was an Associate Professor of Education at South Dakota State University.  She led Mason Summit Alternative High School for thirteen years and developed the foundation for her future research while redesigning the program there. She was the Interim Executive Director and Program Coordinator  of P.A.C.E Center for Girls which is a day treatment program for young women in Bradenton, Florida. She also taught English for a year in Cincinnati, Ohio where she developed a passion for education as a social justice lever for young people. She was the co-director of the North Dakota Governor’s School (2008-2012) where she administered a program of gifted and talented programming for high school students. Dr. Bertolini attended North Dakota State University (2011), and Michigan State University (00, 90).

Dr. Bertolini’s research and practice focus on how staff development can be utilized to improve student resilience.  Her motivation to return to K-12 practice was to operationalize her research and implement the many protective factors she implemented in alternative education practices on a district wide scale. She maintains a passion for whole child and student centered instruction which guides her practice.

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Day 2
January 25, 2024
1:45 pm

Creating Advisories to Improve Student Engagement and Lower Staff Burnout [School Safety/Mental Health & Wellness]

25 January
Time:  1:45 pm - 3:00 pm
Location:  Renoir (Level 4)

Post Covid, students are increasingly disengaged, and staff are exhausted. This session will highlight how one small rural district created an advisory to improve engagement for both students and staff. The mission is to rebuild relationships through a focus on life skill development and soft skills to foster our expectations for a Portrait of a Graduate.

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