Kevin Robydek


Kevin Robydek was hired as the Potterville Superintendent in July of 2018 and is genuinely delighted daily for the opportunity to support the Vikings! Previous to being the Potterville Superintendent, Kevin served as a Principal, Assistant Principal, Special Education Teacher, and Coach. He has worked with adolescents in some facet for over 20 years. His experience before entering the field of education consisted of working with at-risk youth in a residential setting. Living in multiple foster homes and the challenges faced throughout his childhood has equipped Kevin with empathy and understanding and has driven his passion for students and teachers alike. Kevin has experienced first-hand how a school can positively impact a child’s life and strives to deliver this to each of his students at Potterville.

As a superintendent, Kevin has committed to creating an emotionally and physically safe environment where students feel secure and loved in the classroom and all areas of the district. Capturing Kids’ Hearts is the crucial component utilized at Potterville to help us continually work towards maintaining a positive learning environment for students and staff. Capturing Kids’ Hearts processes are now part of our district/school culture. Capturing Kids’ Hearts processes have, without a doubt, assisted in building meaningful connections between staff and students, students and their peers, and staff and families.

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Day 2
January 19, 2023
1:45 pm

Relational Leadership: The Key to Capturing Kids’ Hearts

Meadows (Lower Level)
19 January
Time:  1:45 pm - 3:00 pm
Location:  Meadows (Lower Level)

Many of our students today carry unreasonable expectations, stress from home, trauma, loneliness, not to mention the deep impact that COVID-19 has had on all of us. We know, and the research proves, the weight of these things is greatly impeding educational progress. There has never been a more critical time for leadership to focus on building not only safety and trust in the classroom but genuine connectedness at all levels. We believe, “if you have a child’s heart, you have a child’s mind.” If teachers create a relational connection to students, or “Capture Kids’ Hearts®,” performance accelerates, and behaviors greatly improve because kids want to be in school. The same can be said of leadership and all staff who face challenges. When school culture is built on relationships, it is proven that campuses, districts, and entire communities can be transformed.

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