Doug Mentzer


Celebrating over three decades of dedicated leadership and education, I am a proven leader and educator. In 2020, amidst the challenges of the pandemic, I assumed the role of Superintendent of Trenton Public Schools. During this time, I have demonstrated resilience and adaptability. My tenure has been marked by substantial and transformative change, meeting the challenges with collaborative, visionary, and goal-oriented educational leadership.

I take great pride in the transformative strides achieved over the past three years, as we’ve undertaken a comprehensive overhaul of organizational processes and policies across the district. Among the noteworthy accomplishments are the establishment of

Crisis, Mental Health, and Safety Teams, the development of a dynamic advertising and marketing plan in collaboration with a professional media company, the initiation of a vibrant parent council and student leadership council, a strategic restructuring of the

Central Office team, and the incorporation of sound fiscal management practices intricately woven into a formalized needs assessment process. These initiatives collectively reflect our commitment to fostering a secure, engaged, and efficient educational institution.

With a Master and Specialist of Arts in Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University, I’ve exemplified excellence at every level. I proudly hold memberships in esteemed organizations like the Education Research and Development Institute, K-12 Alliance of Michigan, American Association of School Administrators, Michigan Association of Superintendents and Administrators, Wayne County School Superintendent’s Association, Metropolitan Detroit Bureau of School Studies, and Michigan Leadership Institute’s Superintendent’s Academy (2018).

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Day 1
January 24, 2024
3:00 pm

Unlocking Hidden Funding: Maximizing Energy Bonds for Infrastructure Improvements [Teaching & Learning]

24 January
Time:  3:00 pm - 4:15 pm
Location:  LaSalle B (Level 5)

If you are facing difficulties passing a bond or if inflation is adversely affecting its value, it is important not to panic. There are alternative financial mechanisms available to improve your learning environment and upgrade your infrastructure. Our panel of qualified superintendents will share their unique experience and discuss effective strategies for overcoming funding limitations using a Guaranteed Energy Performance Contract.

Day 2
January 25, 2024
1:45 pm

Amplify Your Communication: Learn What Not to Say to Your Community [Leadership Development]

LaSalle B (Level 5)
25 January
Time:  1:45 pm - 3:00 pm
Location:  LaSalle B (Level 5)

Learn how to craft personalized communication that won't frustrate your stakeholders, and reuse content across email, social media, and district websites to boost your message across your community. This session will also explore modern ways to promote enrollment, employment, and school bonds.

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